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3 Common Myths of Window Replacement of Your Home

The best options for a home improvement project are to replace your windows. This can not only help your home look and feel better but also it can help you save money on your bills and even add value to your home. Of course, as with any home improvement project, there are some misconceptions that need to be resolved.

Once you understand the truth about replacing windows, you can feel comfortable with the project and proceed worry-free. Here are some of the most common myths about replacing windows. For more information about the window changer can be found here window replacement chandler.

window replacement chandler

Anyone Can Do It – While there are some “weekend warriors” out there who can try this project on their own, most homeowners usually don’t. Yes, Windows is physically installable, but it’s unlikely to get the end result you want. Using a qualified contractor who has experience installing windows can help increase the results and benefits of this home improvement project.

U-Value is the Most Important Energy Saving Factor – While doing your research before replacing windows in your home, you may have come across information about U-Value. This equation calculates how much heat is transferred through the window. While U-values are a great idea when purchasing windows, there are other considerations. This includes SHGC (for those in warm climates) and even the quality of the installation.

Windows backup requires extensive work – If the replacement windows were installed by a qualified professional, the existing home structure would not be significantly damaged.