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A Brief History Of Vedic Astrology

Around the globe today, we can see many people who are drawn to astrology, which astrology helps people make better choices for their future and to determine the best path to go forward in their lives. Its history, however, goes all the way to Vedic times.

One of the most unique and characteristic characteristics of Vedic theology as well as Indian astrology is the congruity and its enduring nature. Vedic practices of astrology have been in a constant tradition for over 5500 years. The distinctiveness of this practice is enhanced by its unique theology as well as science, art literature, and theology.

The Vedas are the eternal and supreme source of wisdom and knowledge and will not lose its significance and significance, for all time. Although the Vedas constitute the most important text of Vedic Astrology they have six appendices that are referred to as the Vedanganas.If you are looking for Vedic science, visit

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The knowledge about astrology as well as astronomy comes through one of them which is called the Jyotish Vedanga. In addition, the rishis frequently took details from the Vedas and utilized them to increase their understanding of the Jyotish Vedanga.

The oldest works of Astrology can be found in the "Rigjyotisha" which is composed by Magadha. In the "Rigjyotisha' the two years that make up the year are listed. In addition, the "Rigjyotisha'" describes the five kinds of the year, as well as their gods of the year. This also explains the accuracy of the equinoxes and those 27 stars.

The vast knowledge regarding astrology has from early times been passed on via oral communication, in which the followers were taught by their teachers. There is numerous ancient texts about Vedic Astrology.