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A description of Performed Eye Tests

People often associate a healthy lifestyle with things like exercising, taking vitamins, eating well, and quitting smoking. But, it takes more to ensure your health is in top shape. It's sometimes necessary to see a doctor for check-ups to make sure everything is in order.

Your vision is one example. Even if your vision doesn't change much from day to day, it is possible that your vision will. This could be a sign that you need a new prescription if you wear contact lenses or glasses.

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An eye test is more than just checking that your prescription is current. An eye test can detect and monitor any signs of eye disease such as glaucoma or cataracts. It also helps to identify other health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. To maintain your eyesight, it is important to see an optometrist regularly.

It is important to be familiar with the various types of eye tests and their purpose before you visit your optometrist for a vision check-up or eye test. If you are already wearing glasses, your optometrist will likely perform a focal examination – which measures your current spectacle power to determine your prescription strength. 

The next step is refraction. Your optometrist will verify your prescription, compare it with the focimetry readings, and review your previous prescriptions to confirm stability.

A common eye test type is autorefraction. This measures how light passes through your eyes to determine your baseline prescription. 

Visual acuity testing is one of the most popular eye exams. This tests the eyes' ability to see detail at close and far distances. The test involves reading the letters on an eye chart.