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Benefits Of A Center Pivot Irrigation System

Center pivot irrigation is a method of mechanized irrigation that irrigates crops in a circular fashion around a pivot. It is essentially a long radial pipe supported by sprinkling tubes. These towers revolve around the center point of the entire mechanism.

In the upcoming paragraphs, there is a discussion of a few of the benefits of a center-pivot irrigation system.

Uniform Water Application:

A Valley central axes system allows for uniform water application across large areas of farmland.

Center Pivot Irrigation System

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Reduce your dependence on labor:

The center pivot system allows farmers the ability to perform multiple farming techniques with one machine. This greatly reduces dependence on labor during harvest season. Farmers often find farming difficult because it is a highly unpredictable sector. Technology such as center pivot irrigation can help reduce stress for farmers due to inconsistency in labor supply.

Saving Resources:

The center pivot irrigation can be operated at lower pressures depending on the farmer's requirements. This allows for huge energy savings over the long term. This method of irrigation is also far more efficient in the use of water. This method prevents water runoff and reduces farmers' water costs.

Possibility of automation:

Modern center pivot irrigation systems have a timer that allows farmers to water their farms at any hour of the day or night. Farmers don't even have to leave their homes to do this. This automation of farming has many benefits. It saves farmers time and effort.

Versatile System:

The center pivot system can be used to feed almost all kinds of crops. This applies to fruit trees, vegetables, as well as arable crops. This makes it easy for farmers to grow multiple crops throughout the year and to rely upon this system of irrigation.