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Different Types of Home Decor Lighting

You may need to be familiar with the terminology used for selecting and measuring lights before you make your purchase. There are terms that describe the measurement of light: footcandles (or candelas), lumens (or lumens), and foot-lamberts (or foot-lamberts).

Footcandles are the amount of light that hits a surface. One foot candle is the amount of illumination caused by one candle hitting a square foot of surface. The source of the light must be at least one foot away from the source. You can search online for more designs ideas related to Lighting Decor at

The space's required amount of light depends on what task is being performed and how old the person is. As we age, we often need more light to do certain tasks. A dining area might only need 10-20 footcandles while a home office may require 100 footcandles.

The candlepower is a measure of how intense the light output in a particular direction or point will be. Most lamp manufacturers offer candlepower distribution curves that can be used to help you decide how bright your room should be.

LUMENS Manufacturers often rate lamps in terms of lumens. This is the lamp's light output. Also, lumens can be used to measure efficacy (the number of lumens produced for every watt of electricity consumed). Fluorescent bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, which means they produce more light.