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Everything You Need to Know About Knitted Ties

Suitability of material according to seasons

Basically fine quality of the knitted ties are constructed from silk. Other options to be included are wool or cashmere, linen and polyester. The woolen or cashmere ties are highly textured and gives a thick cushy comfort. They are highly insulated with heavy fabric can be easy to wear into winter or fall seasons.

The silk knitted ties can be wear all the year round, it is highly textured and gives comfort accordingly. Best suited for all types of outfit because of its luminosity. The linen ties are best suited to be worn in spring or summer season as they weigh light.

The polyester ties are also available in the market, the fabric is a mixture of synthetic fibres, so its better to avoid maintaining the vivacity. You can also buy knits at

Soft knits can go through with sports out outfits, with a casual blazer to as they are very informal.

Maintenance required

Not much emphasis required on it as they are wrinkle free, easy to maintain. Can be kept in a rolled up form or simply hang them in a rack.

How to carry it

It is proposed to wear it with simple knots or four in hand knot. Because these ties are thicker than the regular ties so selecting a different kind of knot may give a weird, bulky and chunky look.