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Facial Sculpting – Plastic Surgery of the Facial Bones

Everybody has heard the expression ' .'beauty is skin deep but ugly goes to the bone'. Although this is often a popular saying, the statement is not entirely true. Beauty is also bone-deep as the outward appearance of the face begins down at this foundational level. What the face sees from the outside of it has a lot to determine how it's formed inside.

Anyone who is a forensic scientist can attest to this. A lot of people have seen on television shows that demonstrate how a dead body's face is "reconstructed" using clay layers that are placed over the facial bone and skull on the basis of the established measurements of soft tissue. Similar to a roof over a house, the exterior design of the face can be greatly dependent on the form of the bone underneath it.

Treating facial bone problems has a long history in plastic surgery. There are numerous well-known, as well as less well-known, plastic surgery procedures of the facial bones that are used to change the shape of the facial bones as well as the outward balance of the face. Rhinoplasty is often combined with many of these other facial sculpting procedures to make really significant facial changes. You can find detailed information on various facial sculpting procedures via

Common procedures such as chin, cheek, and jaw implants as well as less well-known procedures of the chin, cheek, and jaw angle osteotomies and paranasal and tear trough implants are all possibilities. How these fit together and which ones to use on any face can be both mathematically measured and computer imaged by your plastic surgeon to determine which one(s) are right for your goals.