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Factors to Consider When Selecting Garage Flooring


A majority of homes with garages were built with concrete floors. Conventional thinking up until recently was that this room was purely utilitarian, and subject to damage from stains, heat, cold and blows from dropped tools and heavy items. Concrete was thought to be adequate, and it is, when cared for properly. However, for those who are looking for a bit more style plus greater ease of care, there are modern options available. You can check this link to know about garage flooring solutions.

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When choosing from the plethora of options available, professionals suggest taking these factors into consideration:

Weather: Certain types of weather can wreak havoc on garage flooring, even concrete. Extreme cold, even for a few days of the year, is particularly problematic. So is moisture. Unless you live at the equator, you must take into consideration any kinds of fluctuations in the weather, as well as any weather that is common in your area, like rainfall or snow. Certain types of flooring simply won’t serve you well in some climates and locations.

Garage temperature: This is closely related to weather, but offers one small exception to the cold weather rule of choosing a floor type. That exception is heating. If you are lucky enough to have a heated garage, you might be able to go with a type that would otherwise be incompatible with your local weather patterns.

Traffic: The kind and amount of traffic that this room receives will also need to play a central role in your selection. If you and/or other family members spend a lot of time in the garage, if you park or store multiple vehicles inside, or if you drive in and out frequently, you won’t regret spending money on an extra-durable material. If your garage sees light to average traffic, other less expensive types may be perfectly suitable.

Purpose: When people think “garage” they usually think of it as a place to park your car. Not all garages get used for this purpose, or perhaps they function as a place to park as well as some other purpose, like a workshop or an entertainment space. How you primarily use this room will influence your choice.