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Fan Coil Installation And Repair Service

The air handling unit, commonly known as the fan coil unit, is the main component of the air conditioner as it is responsible for circulating the hot air or air conditioner around its target area; without them, the air conditioner cannot be expected to work properly. Depending on your air conditioner model, it may have only one fan or, on newer models, two variable speed convector fans, and you may need to repair both. You can also visit for fan coil unit installation services.

But in an industry not always known for its openness and honesty, repairing your fan coil assembly can be a difficult task for one person. Luckily for you, you won't find a better companion for your fan coil unit repair than the Air Duct.

Air Duct has always put the customer first, making it the preferred choice for air handling units or fan coil repairs. Customer satisfaction has always been and will always be of utmost importance to us at Air Duct.

Air Duct is a locally owned and operated company committed to providing outstanding customer service at a price that can't be beaten in today's market.

But that's not all Air Duct has to offer customers in the Chicago area and if you are looking to install a fan coil unit in Chicago then you can't find a better place for you than Air Duct. We guarantee that our customers will receive reliable fan coil installation service when it suits them. Feel free to contact us now and we will definitely help you.