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Food Blender – The New Mom’s Secret Baby Food Weapon

If you're having a baby shower or being invited to a baby shower, ask for or choose a gift that's a little different from a baby kit or swing. Instead, choose a food blender. This is a small kitchen gadget that a new mom can't live without even though she doesn't know it yet.

The food blender is very useful when you need to start weaning the baby as it makes it easier to crush most of the food beside the baby as the pulp. If you are looking for the best food blender for your baby then navigate to this site.

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There is tons of packaged baby food out there, but the main problem is that you are never really sure what is in it and there is plenty of research showing that the salt and sugar levels are much higher than what is recommended.

For such a small child, by mixing your own food you can be 100% sure that nothing bad is added so that you are not supposed to feed your child.

Boil some vegetables and potatoes and place them in the cup that came with the hand blender. Turn the device down and turn it on.

The food will only open up under the pressure of the knife and quickly turn into a pulp suitable for babies. Moving the device up and down ensures that all food is cut to the same consistency.

As the baby grows, you can add a variety of foods suitable for the stage and just crush them. It can handle meat, fish, fruit and almost any food your baby is supposed to eat. You can freeze food for more convenience.

When the baby reaches a certain age, you can simply use a hand blender to chop the family food so that it is breastfed like the whole family.