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Here are the most Common Plumbing Problems in Homes

plumbing and drainage Brisbane


It is always a nice and security feeling when we own a house. Owning a home is great but that doesn’t make you invisible to problems. Homeowners often face issues where plumbing problems would be one of the few. If you have already invested in a house or are about to, then you should be aware of some of these common plumbing problems.

  1. Faucets that Drip – Dripping faucets is probably one of the most common plumbing problems. Moreover, this problem also is annoying along with expensive at the time of fixing. In order to get rid of this problem, consider replacing the worn-out washer or the O-ring. You may also want to check whether the faucet is correctly installed to avoid expense.
  2. Pipes that Leak – Incorrect laying of pipe, cracked seal, damage to pipe joint or excessive water pressure leads to pipe leaking. This is a problem that require quick fixing. Delaying to find a solution to this problem will be expensive later on.
  3. Runny Toilets – Runny toilet leads to wastage of water in the region of 200 gallons per day. This is a proper that is caused by toilet handles that are corroded, flapper seals being work out, using flapper chains of the wrong size.
  4. Water Pressure Being Low – Low water pressure is another problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This problem causes major other issues like drain clogging, crack or blockage of sewer lines, corrosion to the pipes and more.

In Australian city like Brisbane, plumbing and drainage issues are solved by hiring a professional plumber.