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How a Reusable Cotton Round is an Easy Eco-friendly Upgrade to Your Daily Routine

As many of us learn more and more about the environment and sustainability, we wonder what we can do to reduce our impact in ways big and small. We can be conscious consumers and look for brands and products that help us stay lighter on the planet and make a concerted effort to shop more from them. 

Although our individual actions may be small, collectively they add up to a larger movement of consumers who want more truly sustainable products, encouraging companies to make better products. For the time being, we can all take small steps to work more planet-friendly items into our daily lives.LastRound is a reusable alternative to makeup rounds and disposable cotton pads. If you want to buy the most suitable LastRound via LastObjectNZ.

 An easy way to do this is to upgrade what you use regularly, especially single-use items that can be replaced by reusable alternatives. One example is to use reusable cotton rounds in place of disposable, single-use ones.

While you may be accustomed to using cotton pads in your daily skincare routine, for removing makeup (especially stubborn eye makeup), and for applying products such as toner to your skin, you can also add to your skincare routine. Can do the exact same steps, but with reusable cotton pads instead. 

These super-soft cotton rounds are great at carefully and gently removing makeup, even around your delicate eye area. Simply apply your micellar water or makeup remover to damp circles, and swipe your face like you would with a single-use cotton pad. You can use your favorite exfoliating or hydrating toner just as you would with the single-use round.

High quality and sustainable material

The cotton rounds we offer at Beauty Heroes are made from high-quality materials such as organic cotton flannel, bamboo, and tree fibers that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. This low-waste alternative to the simple cotton round allows you to keep your skincare routine as it is, but with a pretty upgrade. Instead of using single-use items, you get to enjoy using these soft, reusable cotton rounds for years to come.