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How To Conduct A Successful Website Audit

Before you begin an online marketing campaign, it's important to ensure that your website has the right requirements. In the event that it doesn't, no matter how much efforts and investment the website will fail to be successful. 

Therefore, to ensure that you don't spend your time and money ensure that your website is set to be advertised. You can also get your website successfully audit via My SEO Agency PRO.

Here's a checklist to think about when conducting an SEO site audit:

Metadata: Web crawlers pay particular attention to metadata while browsing your site. Metadata is a special type of text blocks, which are usually not seen by the general public and are utilized to define the contents of a website page. 

Metadata play a significant role, particularly in relation to the homepage. Based on the title and description that search engines produce, they generate small snippets that are displayed in results. 

The title should include the top keyword for the homepage. The description should include an appropriate keyword. It is recommended to include up to 10 keywords within the meta tag that are related to the page.

Content: Pages that are important (home page first) should include a heading called h1 which should contain keywords. 

Additionally, the homepage should contain text (at minimum one paragraph) with a minimum of 37 percent of keywords. 

However, here it is more important to use human judgement, I.e. when the text can be read with ease and easily, then it's probably what you want.