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Industrial Change to Half Cover Distribution

Distribution of full pool covers today is a nightmare for distributors because full cover distribution requires a multitude of covers sizes to support the many different size pools out there. You can also choose Pool Enclosures Made in Canada & Retractable Pool Covers for your pool.

Enabling custom-shaped pools to use half pool covers, the plan is to revolutionize the way covers are distributed, lowering the cost for everyone and making stock on hand a top priority to solve the problem with special ordering or waiting for a cover to come in stock.

Four Sizes: Employing the revolutionary strategy to provide half pool covers will solve this problem to support the majority of pools less than 20x40ft. By shifting to the four-size distribution model, half cover sizes can be mixed and matched to each half of the pool.

Furthermore, online internet retailers can ship the lighter more compact half cover sizes, avoiding dreaded overcharges due to weight, making shipping costs more predictable and controllable.

For handling the covers, stores can provide the lightweight compact half cover roller device that currently ships coast-to-coast at a fraction of the cost of the heavier/bulkier deck reels which require two boxes.

For anyone doing business over the internet, shipping lighter and more compact half covers alone is a remarkable dollar-saving breakthrough.

 For retail stores, by reducing pool cover stock sizes from the multitude of covers sizes (that must be special ordered from the warehouse and delivered the next day or longer if, on backorder to just four sizes, covers can easily be stocked right at the store.