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Know More About Oracal 651

Oracal 651 is a permanent adhesive backed vinyl. 651 vinyl is best for any outdoor project such as car decals, mail boxes, windows, etc. It is also great on mugs, tumblers, or any other place you want your vinyl to stay long term. 6+ year indoor/outdoor life.

Perfect for medium-term indoor and outdoor lettering, marking and decoration. 2.5-mil, intermediate calendered PVC film with excellent dimensional stability and very good cutting and application characteristics. Available in 60 vivid colors plus transparent.You can check this link to get more information on oracle 651.

Best Permanent & Self Adhesive Vinyl Rolls Online Supplier

Comes with custom silicone-coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values.

Customized blue silicone paper liner for matte and gloss white face film provides superior contrast for weeding. Adhesive is clear, solvent-based, permanent. Ideal for medium-term indoor and outdoor lettering, marking and decoration. Matte finish available in black and white.

Using Oracal 651 vinyl is a permanent solution, and it will provide a high gloss finish. It’s also known as Outdoor vinyl because of the water-resistant property.