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Major Comparisons Between SSD & HDD

Reliability is the first thing that comes to mind when a user decides to get an SSD or HDD. As yet noticed, SSD do not have any moving parts just because of the recent advances in data storage, SSDs are much more reliable when compared to HDDs. The maximum rate of failure of SSD is only 0.5%.

When we talk about the reliability of the HDD, there are several people who have lost their data just because of the HDD crashing issue. It has been found that the rate of failure of HDD is about 2% to 5% which is quite higher than SSDs. You can also buy an affordable SSD case via online sites.

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Storage Capacity

We should not forget that the major purpose of buying hard drives is to store data in it. So, it is better if there is enough storage space.

Well, in that case, HDD doesn't offer large storage space but they are available at a lower price. However, SSDs also don't offer enough storage space but they are quite expensive too.

The maximum storage space of an SSD is 1TB whereas an HDD's maximum storage space is 6TB. So, if you need large storage space then you should definitely consider HDD first.


Pricing is another major thing that should be considered before anyone decides to buy hard drives; either SSD or HDD. When it comes to the price of the SSD and HDD, SSD costs more. The price of Solid State Drive (SSD) per GB is $0.80 whereas for Hard Disk Drives (HDD) per GB, it is just $0.04.