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Making The Most Out Of Retail Signage

Most retailers today are unaware of the number of signage options available to them and therefore end up getting the most out of them. It is very important for every retailer to know the right choices and combinations to influence the buying decisions of buyers with these signs. 

Below are the types of sale gestures for retail that can be combined to the trader's advantage.


As the name suggests, these are signs that direct customers to a place where a particular product is offered. This helps communicate the way to a specific department in the store or helps locate restrooms, exits, and emergency exits.

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Advertising signs

Billboards are the most popular in any store and can be offered in three different ways. The first is a price quote, which shows the exact price of the product being offered. The price tag doesn't mean there has to be a discount. Sometimes products sold at lower prices are grouped together to attract customers' attention.

Education signs

Some retail stores that sell and promote new products or products that require descriptions use educational signs. These signs show customers how to use the product, what it contains, and the best way for them.

Shoppers today want to know three things – how you can save money, how your products help them save time and the best way to reduce shopping stress. The signs should carry a message indicating how the product being offered will help them achieve that goal.