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Medica Professional Healthcare Providers

A healthcare provider is someone or company that offers healthcare services to you. Your healthcare provider is responsible for taking care of you. Sometimes, the term "healthcare provider" is incorrectly used to mean a plan that provides health insurance. 

Your health insurance plan will pay your healthcare provider for the services they provide to you, assuming the service is covered and you've met your cost-sharing responsibilities with healthcare redefined services.


The payer is the health insurance or health plan, and the provider is the entity that actually treats your medical condition. The healthcare provider you're probably the most familiar with is your primary care physician (PCP) or the specialists you see when you need certain specific medical care. 

There are many types of healthcare providers. Any type of healthcare service you might need is provided by some type of healthcare provider. Who are they?

  • Your physical therapist who will help you recover from your knee injury

  • Your home healthcare company which provides a visiting nurse

  • A durable medical equipment company that supplies your home oxygen and wheelchair

  • Your pharmacy

  • The laboratory that draws your blood and processes it

  • Your mammograms, X Rays, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scans are done at this imaging center

  • A speech therapist who works with you to ensure you are able to swallow food safely after a stroke.

  • Outpatient surgery clinic where your colonoscopy was performed

  • Your DNA test is performed by a specialty laboratory

  • You can find an urgent care center in your local shopping center.

  • The hospital in which you receive inpatient (or sometimes outpatient) care

  • You can be stabilized in an emergency department in case of serious illness or accident.