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Picking The Right Bengal Breeder

Choosing a Bengal breeder is a severe decision so it's essential that Bengal kitten purchasers be well informed.   You can also look for the best Bengal kitten breeders in the UK through various online sources.

Nowadays there are so many easy ways to access conscientious breeders. Below we have mentioned some things to consider when choosing a Bengal cat breeder.


Every breeder needs to be familiar with the history of the breed, the importance of hereditary screening, breed character, and social characteristics. Understanding the history of the breed can help you and your breeder know where the Bengal breed got its traits and what genetic testing should be used to improve the overall health of the breeder's lines and the breed itself. 

Reproduction without genetic screening is what keeps harmful genetics in the lineage. Where do breeders get their breeding Bengals from?  Breeders who are just looking for profit don't care who they sell to. Responsible breeders try to make sure that the Bengal kitten is suitable for the buyer.


It is important to know the motivations why a breeder chooses to be a Bengal breeder. Some questions to ask yourself are: Do breeders use abbreviations to get more profit from cheap or poor quality food, do breeders know the history of the breed and specific health problems to avoid, what are the breeders' goals for the breeding program? 

The reason motivation is so great is that, if victory ultimately prevails, shortcuts are likely to lead to kittens whose health and temperament are in question.