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Playing Word Games Online

Crossword Puzzles. Word Jumble puzzles offer a variety of words that the player can solve from a collection of letters. If the words are correctly spelled, they will land on some of the circled spots on a playing board. 

Those letters then need to be un-scrambled in order to find the answer for a comic-like picture puzzle. You can also search words for codycross crossword puzzles at

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Bookworm is a game that uses jumbled letters. The object is to string as many connecting letters vertically, horizontally, and at angles to make words. Any word that has three or more letters earns you points. 

There are a few extra twists to the game, such as red squares that melt the letter tiles beneath them, green and yellow tiles that increase the point value of your words, bonus words that give you more points if the letters can be grouped together to make that word, and bonus words.

Text Twist allows the player to use 7 letter tiles to make as many words as possible, starting with 3 letters and ending with 7 letters. To win each round, you must create at least one 7-letter word using the letters provided. You get more points for creating more words.

Word Mojo Gold is a game similar to Scrabble, except that the player gets 6 tiles instead of 7! It is a game where you create words that cross other words. The bonus round is when a letter tile falls on a colored spot on board. Bonus rounds earn extra points depending on the point value of each letter. To pass the round, you must have at least one point.