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Red and Blue LED Light Therapy Fights Acne Without Drugs

Pimple! From one place to many places; it is the condition that arises to see the world. It doesn't define who you are, although it can make you feel like you are. Experiencing red and inflamed pimples all over your face is enough to make you want to hide.

There's no reason you can't get over this stubborn and frustrating skin condition and win without risking the need for more serious medication or procedures. The therapeutic combination of red and blue LEDs also known as photobiomodulation (PBMT), bathes your skin in antibacterial and healing wavelengths that fight acne without drugs, chemicals, or pain.

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Red LEDs, with wavelengths in the range of 625-660 nanometers, work slightly differently than blue LEDs. The red wavelength helps freckles heal faster, reduces inflammation, fades dark spots and scars, and reduces redness.

Caring for your skin with red and blue LEDs can have a profound effect on the health and appearance of your skin. Whether it's a pimple or a pimple-covered face, LED light therapy offers a natural and safe way to relieve this damaging condition.

The healing procedure with LED light therapy is very simple, relaxing and painless. Your skin is only exposed to the blue LED area for a few minutes during one process. Then the next treatment is to use a red LED. It only takes a few minutes to treat the entire face. It's so safe and easy to use, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, making it more personal, convenient, and a lot easier to be consistent.