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Steps For Homeowners Who May Need Asbestos Removal In NSW

As a homeowner, you may enjoy doing small projects around your home. However, if you feel that your repair may involve handling, moving, drilling or cutting of Asbestos-Containing (ACM) material, the first thing you should consider is safe asbestos removal services in NSW.

It's important to know that you probably don't need to remove asbestos in NSW, or at least at this point, just because you have asbestos in your home. Materials containing asbestos are generally safe if they don't break, break down, or break down in any way. However, if there is damage or if it needs to be repaired for repair or upgrading, total removal is often the most recommended option.

Fill out the survey

To check ACM in your home, you can hire a professional company to do an asbestos survey. This requires a professional technician to come to your home and visually inspect any suspicious asbestos areas. In addition, the technician takes a small sample of the material and checks the condition of the material.

Get results

After completing the survey, you will receive results indicating that ACM is in the house and whether you need to remove asbestos based on the conditions, location or type of material involved.

This may require a licensed asbestos cleaning company in NSW depending on the type of asbestos and the risks associated with handling ACM.

Once you have your results and consulted with an asbestos removal company in NSW, you can remove the ACM before any upgrade, repair or construction you are considering. You should inform all contractors and professionals working in the field of asbestos removal and in any area of the house that still contains ACM.

Note that after cleaning asbestos in NSW, the material must be disposed of using proper legal methods. It is considered hazardous waste and cannot be disposed of with ordinary building materials or other materials that are removed from your home during construction, renovation or repair.