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Is there a Difference between Assault and Battery in Denver?

In Denver, Assault and battery is a criminal violation that could be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, based upon the circumstances surrounding the situation. Assault and battery are two distinct offenses, though they're generally grouped in law. You'll be charged with assault and battery if you endanger or harm someone else.

As assault and battery cost could be especially detrimental if you're trying to find employment or attempting to lease an apartment. No company wants to hire somebody who might pose a hazard to other employees of the business. On a similar note, no flat complex wishes to rent to a tenant who might lead to injury to the other occupants of the property or building. So you must first hire the best Denver assault and battery attorney for yourself.

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In Denver, in case you're charged with assault and battery, you must seek legal aid immediately to ensure this crime doesn't go into your criminal record. If it does, then the effects can be particularly detrimental to all facets of life.

The Difference Between Assault and Battery

Though battery and assault are generally charged collectively, there's a really clear distinction between both of these offenses. An act of attack involves an intentional threat of injury directed at another person. By way of instance, threatening to beat up someone if he or she doesn't offer you cash is regarded as assault.

Battery, on the other hand, is the act of actually physically hurting or degradingly touching the other individual (spitting on somebody else, by way of instance ). It involves direct contact between the offender and the victim. By way of instance, beating someone else to steal their money is going to be regarded as a battery.