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Know More About Spinach Leaves

Whether spinach is cooked for a few minutes or eaten raw in a salad, it is important to know that spinach is one of your healthiest foods, which has more nutrients and higher nutritional value than most foods.

It is very rich in antioxidants, more so when raw, steamed, or sauteed as boiling it for even five minutes will halve the nutritional value, and a good source of vitamin A and vitamin E. For more information about frozen spinach leaves, you can visit

Spinach Leaves

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It is a leafy green vegetable that is grown in temperate regions of the world and grows best during the cool and comfortable seasons of spring and winter when it is available everywhere. The most common type of spinach available in supermarkets is dark green Savoy with curly leaves.

Selecting and Preparing Spinach:

  • Spinach is quite versatile, you can eat it either in raw salads or cooked in the simplest or most sophisticated dishes.
  • You are better off with salads, soups, pasta and dips, and larger – tender spinach leaves to add to the fuller leaves for cooking.
  • Avoid yellow spinach leaves with holes and tears as this means it is out of season. Look for fresh-looking shiny spinach leaves.
  • First thing first, you just have to rinse the spinach a few times until the water is clean as it grows in sandy soil and is known to get dirty.
  • When cooking spinach, always buy more than you think because a packet of fresh spinach can only make one cup of cooked spinach.