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Ceramic Pro Coating: The Hardest Paint Coating On The Market Today

Ceramic Pro is a transparent, multi-layer, liquid ceramic nano-coating. After hardening, this technology turns the surface into a permanent, but flexible glass protector.

Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coating with three times higher hardness and self-cleaning properties. You can get the best information about ceramic pro coating via

ceramic pro coating

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As soon as Ceramic Pro hardens, it is measured with a hardness above 9H. The normal transparent coating has a hardness between 2H and 4H. The increase in hardness of the coated surface is enormous.

This makes it the toughest paint job on the market today. This new glass guard prevents minor scratches on your clear coating and acts as a sacrificial layer. This will retain the original factory colors.

Any surface scratches that appear on the coating can be easily removed with light paint, which will not weaken the integrity of the original transparent coating. With Ceramic Pro, your colors will not fade or age due to the UV protection of the glass coating.

Think of Ceramic Pro as an extra transparent coating that is much tougher. All of this makes your car safer and more enjoyable, even in harsh conditions.

Shiny, smooth, and self-cleaning. This nanotechnology allows the ceramic nanoparticles to fill in the smallest pores in the paint, making the Ceramic Pro glass mark shiny, smooth, and highly slippery or hydrophobic.