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Chandelier Origins – From Spikes To Crystal And Beyond

A luminaire chandelier suspended at a table is considered a symbol of elegance. Chandelier luminaires have a long history and humble origins. 

Development in a status symbol has taken centuries. The first chandeliers were mere functional devices that can be found in huts, hovels, and taverns. You can navigate to these guys to find various types of chandeliers. 

They were not given and did the job. Today, chandeliers can be found in a wide range of materials, sizes, and functions. 

Simple wooden slats above a rough Iron HEW pine table and giant elaborate crystal structures weighing tons. A humble luminaire has evolved into a different beast.

It's a dark dark night on the muddy road. The horse and the hidden traveler are tired and hungry. The castle on the hill is always two hours from the horse. 

It will be too late to meet the nobleman, the knights and the guards would not let him go before morning. 

Better spend a night at the bargaining hostel. He entered a long dark tavern room with a burning fire at the other end. 

He chooses a table in the middle of the room, the crowd is gathered around the fire and he would prefer to eat alone. 

He places his crystal bag next to him and calls the stew and beer. Suspended above the table are two slats of wood forming a cross. 

The peaks are driven through the ends and candles, or the candle as they are called in French, are impaled. 

The boards are frightened and burned by wax and flame. Its stew arrives and is located in front of him, just in time for a current of wax to complain in the bowl. The man laughs thinking that it's a good presage.