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Unclogging Your Clogged Toilet Drain – Is It Really Difficult?

Few things in this world will cause you more annoyance and intense discomfort than perhaps a clogged toilet drain. You can get the services of Clogged Toilet Repair via

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The variety of things that goes down that drain is huge and can include both non-biodegradable matter like plastic, stone, metal, rubber, etc., and other biodegradable matter like paper and cardboard, wood, etc. which, however, will take longer to decompose and clear the passage.

While some cases can be cleared using rather simple techniques, others require more specialized skills. Let's discuss here how you can clear your clogged toilet drain using simple techniques at home without seeking any help from a professional plumber.

A word of advice: Never use your toilet's flush if it is clogged. Even a single flush can cause your toilet bowl to overflow and spill the flush water into your bathroom resulting in a huge, dirty mess.

Boiling water with Detergent

The first, and the easiest technique, to unclog your toilet drain is to use boiling water with a detergent that produces enough lather. While the detergent will reduce the exterior tension of the water causing it to flow easily and evaporate more efficiently, hot water will loosen up the clog and help in opening it up.

Hydrochloric Acid and hot water

In case the hot water and detergent combination does not work, use hydrochloric acid and hot water. Mix 1 part acid in about 30 parts hot water – always pour acid into water and never the other way round – and pour it into the clogged toilet. This should clear away all organic and biodegradable blockages within 15-20 minutes.

A drain clog can be dealt with easily with some simple steps and appropriate instruments if you have some basic knowledge about the sewer system.