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How to Transfer Home Calls to a Cell Phone

If you wait for an important call but you have a task to run, you can choose to forward your home call to your mobile. Continuing your home call will allow you to answer the same call with what you do if you are on your mobile. However, it needs you to have a forwarding service in your account. If you don't have a forwarding service, contact your home phone provider and have one add. You can find more about the same via

Here are some steps to be followed:

Step 1

Press "* 72" or "72 #" on your home phone and "1172" on the mobile phone. Listen to the call tone.

Step 2.

Enter your cellphone number and listen to a series of tones followed by ringing. This shows that you have continued your number.

Step 3.

Answer your cellphone when ringing. This will activate the waiting call in your line. If the phone on your mobile is busy or you cannot answer a call, repeat steps 1 and 2 to adjust the call forwarding without having to answer your cellphone.

Turn off the call forward by pressing "* 73" or "73 #" on your home phone and "1173" on the mobile phone. Listen to a series of tones to confirm that your call forwarding is turned off.