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Pet Day Care in Chapel Hill

Many individuals shudder at the thought of leaving their animals home alone. Like children, pets require love and attention throughout the day as well as at night time. This fundamental belief has founded the belief of pet daycare. At daycare, your pet will be fed, groomed, trained, and played with any time you are not available to do so.

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Pet daycare can be divided into two categories: boarding services and actual daycare. Boarding services can be found for animals from hamsters to horses, and are particularly helpful if a proprietor is attending be away overnight or for a prolonged period of time and has no one to care for their pet in their apartment, or if an owner has insufficient space for the care of a large animal (this is very general in the holdall of horses).

The pet will be given their own individual sleeping space, feeding dishes and toys, and will be tended to daily as if they were home. Time is allotted for daily grooming, training, physical exercise, and play.

Daycare is available for pets whose owners like to drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the evening after working hours. Again, bedding, toys, and feeding bowls are regularly provided. While facilities of this type can be found for the majority of small animals, dogs are the primary focus, and more facilities for them can be found than for others.

At doggy daycare, dogs are loved by a staff of trained professionals, knowledgeable about dog behavior, safety, and health management. They're groomed and provided training by a knowledgeable trainer according to their level of knowledge.