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Top Garden Kerbing Ideas

It creates a feature, especially where you have a special tree or bed that you want to define. Garden edging or kerbing as it is known here in Perth, West Australia, gives a perfect finish to your yard. If you want to buy garden edging products then you can pop over to this site.

In beds where you place mulch, the kerbing will help keep the mulch from spreading onto the lawn area. It gets very hot and sunny in Perth, and the mulch helps keep the moisture in the soil. The lawn looks neat and tidy and will really set off the garden.

The kerbing comes in a variety of colors and can be made to match your brickwork; window frames driveways or any other feature. The most popular color is limestone.

Having garden kerbing done in your yard is certainly a very cost-effective way to add value to your property. We can make circles, ovals, right-angle corners, straight lines, or scallops. We have recently done kerbing in Perth suburbs where there has been a major expansion in the new residential areas. The kerbing goes in before the lawn and reticulation, making the landscape planning easy.

Once you have decided where you want the kerbing to go and have marked it out on the ground we will lay it. Sometimes the ground will need some preparation done to ensure a level surface on which to lay the kerbing.

It is important to have the kerbing cut at about metre intervals for expansion. This will ensure the kerbing does not crack. This cutting is necessary in all areas not just in the hot sunny climate of Perth in West Australia.