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What Do You Mean By Holistic Medicine?

In recent years, holistic medicine has attracted more and more practitioners and adherents. But, what is holistic medicine? How does it differ from conventional medicine? In many ways, the answers to such questions are straightforward. Unlike conventional medicine, holistic medicine is an approach to health and healing that takes into account the whole person.

Consistent with a broader, more general holistic perspective, this approach views the person as a dynamic interaction between body, mind, and spirit. Disease is seen as arising from an imbalance among these factors in conjunction with lifestyle and environmental circumstances. Holistic doctor in Lisle are first trained in the science and art of conventional medicine.

They are aware of the fact that Western-style, conventional medicine can be very effective in treating life-threatening injuries and illnesses. They argue that traditional medicine might not be the best option for many chronic conditions they see in their practice.

Holistic medicine does not treat only the symptoms of disease. The holistic medicine practitioner must see each patient as an individual with specific healing needs. This may require a different approach to conventional medicine. Holistic medicine practitioners will spend considerable time trying to identify the specific combination of factors that are contributing to the patient's illness.

Holistic physicians are open to using safe and effective treatments derived from many healing traditions in an effort to balance these factors and promote natural healing processes.