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How To Prevent Thumb Sucking?

The habit of pressing the thumbs of a child can be bothered by parents, leaving you wondering if your child has a toothache. The sucking reflex is a baby's natural calming habit. 

Some children suck their thumbs for comfort, and the habit will diminish with age. So every parent has the same question: How to stop thumb sucking habit of your child?

Usually, a pacifier is better than the thumb. The pacifier habit is easier to break than a thumb because parents can control when the teat enters their children's mouths. Babies use your thumbs to calm down, as some invisible braces providers believe. They do it to relax and sleep.

This habit is not dangerous if the child only does it occasionally. However, once permanent teeth die, thumb suction can become a problem. This habit can result in the front teeth bulging out or an open bite which will need to be repaired with orthodontic treatment.

Some tips for ending thumb sucking:

  • Parents should give praise if the child cannot suck thumbs instead of punishing them for doing so.

  • Focus more on why the child sucks his thumb. Most children can use thumb sucking to relieve anxiety or insecurities.

  • Involve the child by choosing the quitting method if older.

  • See a specialist to explain the effects of thumb sucking on children.

  • Put a bandage or sock on your hand as a reminder that you don't have to suck your thumb anymore.