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Learn Different Types of Visa Valid For Business Migration to Australia

Australia offers tremendous growth opportunities, especially to its citizens. It is known as the land with endless possibilities. People with a business management background can choose Australia to be their best choice for making overseas investments.

Australia has excellent programs for investment immigration that can also be used as a pathway to permanent residence for applicants and their families. To obtain this status, a person must have an immigrant investor visa in Australia. It should be valid for approximately 4 years. If you wan to know more about investment pr in Australia visit

investment pr in australia

There are several types of temporary and provisional visas. These include the Business Owner Visa, Senior Executive Visa and Investor Visa.

  • Investor Visa: An investor visa is another option. This visa can be directed to those who have substantial investment or ownership in any business. Once the immigrant has maintained the investment for the required 4-year period, they can apply for permanent residence. The last category would be business visitor visas.
  • Business Owner Visa: A person can apply for this if he starts a company there. This is a temporary visa. Once he reaches the span, he is eligible to apply for permanent residence with other visa classes.
  • Senior Executive Visa: Senior executives are those who have experience in managing larger corporations. This is also a temporary visa for 4 years. After they arrive in Australia, they will need to make a deposit in an Australian company and start a new business.

These are some of the visa requirements a person can avail if he wants to migrate to Australia. If you want to migrate to Australia, it is good if you hire a  trustworthy migration agent who will be with you through every step of your visa application process for Australia.