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IRS Tax Audit Attorney – How to Handle IRS Tax Audit in Orange County

Don't panic if you receive a notification from the IRS that you've been screened. Usually, several selected taxpayers are audited randomly every year. This doesn't mean that you didn't pay taxes or made a mistake. 

Sometimes the IRS uses statistical tools to select the taxpayers who are most likely to understand their taxes. This is usually done to ensure that the elect does not reduce their income or claim excessive deductions. You can now easily look for a reliable Orange County IRS audit attorney via

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Once you have an audit letter from the IRS, you should immediately seek advice from an IRS tax audit attorney. Hiring an IRS tax audit attorney makes the process less of a problem. Make sure you know what type of IRS exam you are taking as there are three different types of exams.

A problematic leasing audit for taxpayers is a correspondence audit. The IRS will notify you in writing of any discrepancies with your tax return. All taxes payable are expected to be paid. 

The tax auditor should also be consulted with this type of audit to ensure that the IRS's calculations are correct. If you find that you really owe the tax back, you should pay it immediately. If the IRS made a mistake and you don't owe any taxes, you can dispute it within 30 days of receiving the letter.

Office audits are usually conducted when the IRS finds a problem with your tax return and wants to fix it by looking at the documents you support. You are required to bring these documents such as banking, income statement, investment and sales documents with you.