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Impact Of Marijuana On Physical Health

Many marijuana users think that cigarette smoking is less harmful than marijuana. While cigarette smoking is more damaging to your body, it is altogether erroneous to assume that marijuana does have only a negative effect on your physical health.

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There are lots of physical problems connected with an overdose of marijuana, and so it is important to avoid an overdose of marijuana.

It may not be helpful that you inject some smoke in your lungs on a regular basis, however, hard pot activists and users attempt to convince you. Let's take a peek at some of the short-term and long-term physical side effects of bud to understand it is a habit, for example, cigarette smoking, harmful to your body.

Short-term physical consequences of marijuana use

-Increased heartbeat

-Condensate, bloodshot eyes

-dry mouth

While these short-term unwanted side effects aren't life-threatening, they can cause an incredible amount of distress and aren't a quick spiral and downward healthy to your blood pressure — it may lead to heart issues and later on. But there might be a heart attack. Your body is more sensitive than you believe as well as short-term changes because marijuana can play a part in affecting your mood along with your long-term health.

Long term physiological consequences of marijuana use

-Increased production of phlegm and dry cough

-Increased lung infection

-Increased acute chest infection


-Heart attack etc

Smoking vessels can harm your heart, lungs, brain, and immune system. These are important pieces of your body composition and if they do not work properly then the quality of your life will be radically affected.

While no definitive link has been established between cancer and marijuana smoking, the other risks listed above must be sufficient to stop you — a lot of people don't understand that there are other, sometimes more damaging health dangers that are associated with any sort of inhabitants.