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How To Kill Bad Habits With Mindfulness In Silicon Valley?

Bad habits are nothing but compulsion. For example, if you watch TV late at night, fight, argue, etc. And so, even though you have to rush to get to the office early the next day, it's nothing but an obsession.

Here are some tools you can use to get rid of the bad habits that take consciousness out of your mind, and the formula for the 4 main steps to cure bad habits, such as "RAIN: Recognize, Accept, Investigate, and Pay Attention. Mindfulness meditation groups in Silicon Valley can be helpful also if you want to take help from them.

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1. Recognize:

Whenever you have a desire to eat bad food, the first step is to identify the feelings it needs in your body. Once you understand what you want and no longer have to speak up to manage things that are immediately constrained by emotional feelings, it is a good idea to diagnose those feelings now.

2. Accept:

The next step is to "accept" the feelings that arise in your body. It's a little complicated and difficult. Often it hurts. The good thing about this day is that you don't have to do anything.

3. Check:

The next logical step is the thought process. You need to examine the intent behind your bad habit (OR) addiction. Why would you want to go out and eat bad food that is not good for your health? This is the role of mindfulness. 

4. Notes:

The fourth step is to psychologically record the emotions that occur in your body. Just enter a little/short phase (OR), this can also be a word to mark how you feel. There is nothing behind it but neuroscience.