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Take Good Care Of Tattoo With Moisturizer

You've been tattooed in a clean modern tattoo studio with sterilized disposable tubes, needles, and pigments. If you follow these simple instructions, you will get a fast healing and an attractive tattoo. Keep in mind that the quality of your tattoo will depend on the care it receives in the first few days.

There are many aftercare tattoo products on the market. You can also use lotion for tattoo to get it moisturized.

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Remove the bandage after at least 2 hours. If the bandage sticks, wet the area with COLD water to loosen it and carefully remove the bandage. Be sure to remove any superficial blood and rinse off any soap residue.

Dry lightly, then apply a small amount of lotion with clean hands. Use a high-quality, light lotion without added fragrance or colorants, then massage. Remember to use a little so the skin can breathe.

Depending on the type or location of your job, you may need to wear thick clothing to protect your tattoo, especially when working near grease, metal dust, etc. Your tattoo will develop a layer of dry skin.

Apply a thin layer of lotion as needed until the coating peels off naturally. After the tattoo heals and the dry skin peels off, there is a correction phase for the new skin.