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Why The Older Adults And Chronically ill People Are at Greatest Risk

Deficiency of resistance in older adults or elderly people makes them highly vulnerable to Coronavirus disease in 2020. The immune system is unable to produce a sufficient number of antibodies to fight the disease caused by a coronavirus. In the case of elderly adults, together with the age of 65 years and over, the death rate is found to be greater in all the states affected by COVID 19.

An immunological aspect is called"cytokine storm" is usually observed in older adults where an overproduction of compounds occurs against the infection leading to an inflammatory reaction. To know about cytokine you can visit

This inflammatory response can result in severe harm to the body of older folks. Sometimes, even organ failure might also happen to make the condition worse.

Declaration of Coronavirus as a public health emergency of global concern on 30 Jan 2020 by WHO (World health organization), many nations escalated their emergency teams to be able to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The WHO chief also issued COVID19 as an"enemy against humankind" because of the growing numbers of infected people all around the world (>200000). People of every age group are attempting to conquer COVID 19.

Symptoms observed from the coronavirus patients are like that of pneumonia. However, the amount of documented cases around the world are on the other hand.

Some frequent COVID19 symptoms include fever, dry cough, and sore throat. Individuals affected by the epidemic of COVID-19 can also feel trouble in breathing. However, older adults face more difficulties when compared to younger individuals.