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Why It Is Important to Buy High Quality Built RFID Tags

RFID tags often need to withstand many harsh environmental conditions. If they are not at the required quality level they will not survive the harsh conditions of cold, snow, water, heat and sun. This is why it is important to buy the highest quality RFID tags.

Survive Freezing Conditions

RFID tags can be placed on assets. One example is on frozen food packaging and cartons. These get placed in blast freezers, sometimes being blasted with cold air at minus 10 degrees celsius. Many products, when frozen, become brittle and shatter, so RFID tags need to be able to adapt to being frozen. 

snow in Australia

RFID tags need to withstand the harshest conditions. Photo of the snow in Australia by yakobusan Jakob Montrasio

Work in The Snow

Similarly, being exposed to snowy conditions requires adaptability. RFID tags exposed to snow will experience both wet and cold conditions. Therefore some tags must be able to become wet and not shatter when frozen. 

Withstand Extreme Heat 

On the other end of the spectrum, there is extreme heat. Assets being shipped across seas or sitting in ports in very hot climates will have temperatures soaring within the metal containers. The RFID tags contained on those assets need to be able to get up to temperatures of about 70 degrees Celcius without fading, flaking or peeling. 

Sun Conditions

Then there is the sun. Barcodes may be exposed to the heat and the sun. some types of materials fade or turn black when they are left in the sun. Other things, such as plastics, tend to lose their plasticity and become brittle and easily broken. The plastics used to cover the RFID tag needs to be able to withstand the heat and the sun. 

RFID tags are exposed to many environments. Their manufacture needs to be able to withstand the extreme weather elements to ensure their viability.