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Sprint Review Meeting in Agile

Sprint Review meetings are time-boxed events in Scrum. For a Sprint that lasts four weeks, the maximum time is four hours. Smaller Sprints will have a shorter duration. The Sprint Review takes place at the end of the iteration of the Sprint and serves to show the Sprint's progress.

Any member of the team can conduct the Sprint Review. The Scrum team, as well as any external customers, stakeholders, or other interested persons that the Product Owner may invite to the Sprint Review, are all allowed to be present. You can also know more about the agile methodology at

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A demonstration of the work is usually part of the Sprint Review. However, the 'demo' is not the main or sole purpose of the review.

Sprint Review meetings are a place of collaboration. The Product Owner determines which features have been completed. The team discusses how much work they were able to do, whether the Sprint backlog was cleared and what remains. 

The team reviews any outstanding items, and they are returned to the product backlog to reprioritize. Any questions about the work are answered by the team.

This is a great time for team members to meet with the Product Owner and get to know what's happening with the product. Sprint Review can also be used to reorder the Product Backlog or discuss current business priorities with the Product Owner. 

The Product Backlog is reviewed and discussed by the team. They then consider what the team could do in the next Sprint. This is the beginning of the planning meeting.