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What does the pro-rata annual leave calculator do for you?

This holiday calculator can be used to calculate annual leave entitlement for employees, as well as for part-time employees who start mid-year. It also works for backdated annual leaves.

Employers should input the following information to access the annual leave entitlement calculator: the number of days the employee works, the standard annual allowance for the company (for full-time employees), and the date and time the employee begins and stops working. You can know more about the pro-rata leave calculators from

The holiday accrual calculator calculates an employee’s annual entitlement. This is rounded up to the nearest full holiday day.

 What does pro-rata mean?

Latin for “proportionally” or a “proportion of”, pro-rata means “proportionally”. Pro-rata refers to the amount of salary and holidays that a job ad advertises.

Part-time employees or employees who start mid-year will have their annual prorated leave entitlement and salary calculated based on the hours they work. on a pro-rata basis.

This pro-rata holiday calculator will make it easy to calculate how many holiday employees are entitled to a prorated contract. Or, you can read on to learn how the calculator works!

 How do you calculate holiday entitlement after leaving your job?

The same applies to employees who leave the job before the end of the calendar year. To calculate pro-rata holiday, enter the end date of employment into the holiday entitlement calculator.

You can use the annual holiday calculator to calculate how much vacation your full-time employee has accrued if they are leaving halfway through the year.