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Effective Remedies To Treat Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition that causes loss of pigmentation of the skin in small patches. The areas that are discolored tend to get larger over the passage of time. It also can affect the hair as well as the insides of the mouth.

The methods for Vitiligo treatment are related to traditional treatment and the use of different herbal remedies. You can browse to get the best vitiligo treatment.

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Some of them are listed below:

  1. Mix 50 grams of the granulated fresh or dried roots of ruby geranium using one full liter of water that is boiling. Let the tincture brew for four hours before decanting it. Make use of it as an invigorating bath for 15 minutes prior to bedtime. Repeat this process for two weeks.

  2. Mix equal amounts of walnut tree leaf greens and marc. Add vodka (10 parts) over the mixture and herb (1 component). Allow the tincture to ferment for a week, then decant it. Apply the tincture on the white patches of skin 1-2 times each day for several months.

  3. Mix common tops of duckweed (5 parts) and the rootstock of rhubarb (3 pieces) and lace flowers (1 portion). Infuse 9 tablespoons from the mixture of herbs and 50 milliliters of table wine vinegar and let the mixture be brewed for three weeks in an unlit area. After that, you can decant the tincture. Apply it to white areas of the body.

Avoid exposure of white patches to direct sunlight and use these remedies for quick results.