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Information About Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance acts vas a cushion to not only your dependants but loved ones as well, in case of an untimely death on your side. This is the type that covers you for your entire life besides also being the one in which your premium payment portions are added towards your policy's cash value. 

There are three types of whole life insurance policies from which to choose. The first one is the traditional type, which guarantees you a return rate that is minimum based on the policy's cash value. 

The other type of life insurance is one which is referred to as interest-sensitive and it is the type in which the cash value acquires a variable interest rate. If you want to learn more about the whole life insurance rate quote, visit

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There is the advantage here of changing your death benefit amount, something that happens without an increase in the amount of premium paid. Though quite enticing, there is some level of risk involved regarding your cash value. 

The single premium is the third type of whole life insurance, and this one is usually a premium payment that is made in lump sum upfront. In other words, you are not required to make any further premium payments soon after you have made the first one. 

The cash value here grows over time depending on the policy's set interest rate. There are many benefits associated with whole life insurance among them being the fact that the policy in itself acts as a tax shelter since no tax is deducted from the cash value in the policy's entire lifetime.