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Fall Lawn Maintenance For a Great Looking Lawn Next Year

Fall is an important time for lawn care maintenance. It is just as important as spring in many ways. Fall is a good time to do a few things to help your lawn prepare for winter. Your lawn will look its best in fall. Fall is the best time of year for any type of lawn, and especially the Cool Season Grasses.

The weather is cooling off so that the grass is not as susceptible to drought conditions. You'll get more rain, and the cool nights will relieve heat stress. There are several steps you can take to make the most of these wonderful conditions and ensure your lawn is prepared for winter. You can get professional lawn services via online sources. 

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It is a good idea to dethatch and irrigate cool season grasses in the fall. These activities can be harmful and stressful, but they are necessary and ultimately beneficial. They should not be done during active growth. Autumn is the best time to aerate or detatch cool-season grasses. 

A lawn with heavy traffic is more likely to have soil that is compressed. This can limit root development and soil penetration, as well as reduce oxygen levels. Core aeration pulls soil plugs from the ground. This allows the soil to expand into the spaces left behind. 

If you have one of the plugs or cores that are complete, you will be able to see how much thatch has grown. Dethatch should be done if the thickness of the thatch exceeds 1/2 inch. Fertilization in Fall is just as important as fertilization in Spring.