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The Executive Coach – Your Company’s Partner In Leadership Development

According to you what is the most significant success circumstance for company growth? If you're like 92% of respondents in recent research of CEOs in Europe, North America and Asia, you would say "develop leaders." In this section, we'll examine why executive development has become more significant to marketing success and more people opting for executive training in Houston, TX.

Executive Development On the Rise

In a survey, 43% of CEOs and 71% of senior members of the administrative team say that they have been working with a trainer, 63% of companies said they plan to increase the use of coaching over the next five years and 92% of the leaders who have used coaches in the past plan to do it again.

Why? Statistics show a clear answer: Training works. In a study of 370 participants who had been working with an executive coach, the group went on the 50 percentile in performance for the 93 percentile. Amoco Corp./BP evaluated the impact of executive coaching for ten years and found that managers are trained to receive a 50% greater common salary raise because their performance is much better.

So, what does this mean for you and your company? This means that coaching is a powerful option when you need to change managers into administrators or leaders who can handle the world that always changes. Executive Coaching allows you to dramatically improve your leadership bench strength.