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Toileting Aids For The Elderly

In old age, special toileting equipment may be an important part of your life. When toileting becomes difficult, then bathroom modifications for the elderly can be helpful. These items include products for the bathroom, as well as for bedrooms and other areas of the house.

Commodes and Urinals

A commode chair can be a vital piece of equipment for anyone who may have difficulty getting to the bathroom. They can go to the bathroom without having to leave their bedroom.

These toilets are portable and can be moved around. They do not flush but must be manually empty. This equipment is essential for people with mobility problems.

There are many options, but all have the same feature: a removable toilet bowl. It is easy to clean after each use. Some commodes are equipped with wheels that can be moved next to the bed.

They are usually easy to clean and disinfect. This is crucial for germ control.

Toileting Equipment for the Bathroom

Many aids are available to make it easier for those with mobility problems to use the toilet. Patients may find it difficult to stand after certain surgeries.

Grab rails that are mounted on the wall next to the water closet can be a great support. A similar function can be done by free-standing toilet rails. A raised toilet seat may be the best choice if neither of these options is available.

They fit in the toilet and increase the height of your seat. The user can travel less distance from standing to sitting. A few centimeters increase in height could make the toilet more usable.

All seats that are designed to offer a higher sitting height can be cleaned easily. These products require regular disinfection.