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What Are Merchant Accounts And Why Credit Card Machines Are Needed?

The merchant accounts are a service offered by the processing banks in alliance with the different companies of credit cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and so on. These enable the business to receive credit and debit cards as a mode of payment.

Generally, most businesses experience a boost in their profits by 20% to 50% by just being able to accept credit cards. You can get the services of portable card machines online via

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The credit card machines which are also known as the POS Terminals or point of sale terminals happen to be an electronic device which is utilized to request as well as to attain the electronic authorization associated with the credit cards of the customers from various credit card companies.

In the industry of merchant services, all the merchants are divided into two broad categories. One is the 'Swiped' merchants or those business owners who conduct their business in person and will therefore swipe the credit cards of their customers through the credit card machines.

The other category is that of 'Non-Swiped' business owners and this consists of those businesses which are done via phone orders, mail orders as well as eCommerce.

Here the credit card of the customer is not swiped by a merchant and so for these merchants, the banks charge higher rates as these kinds of transactions involve a higher possibility of fraud.

When you are applying for the merchant accounts then you are precisely making an application for the loan (which is non-secured) against an undertaking by you to comply with certain goods or services.