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Why Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy Offers New Hope

In the past, stem cell therapy has changed the way medicine is practiced. While most people have heard of bone marrow, there are other treatment options that are gaining momentum.

Stem cell therapy involves the collection and modification of fat stem cells and is widely used in the treatment of osteoarthritis. You can get stem cell therapy Cyprus at


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Stem cell therapy can also be used in the treatment of immune tissue, partial ligament rupture, kidney disease, and irritable bowel disease. The goal of treatment is to use the body's cells to reverse the damage.

What can veterinary stretch therapy do?

Stem cell therapy can be used to repair and regenerate damaged body tissue. These cells are usually removed from patients by simple surgery.

Fat collects on the back of the shoulder blades. It then goes through an intensive cleaning process which aims to extract the stem cells from the tissue before activating them. They are then injected into the affected joints on the same day.

Before the advent of stem cell therapy, acupuncture and other drug combinations were used to treat diseases in pets.

The limitation of these treatment options, however, is that some pain relievers are not only less effective, but sometimes have negative effects on other organs in the body.